The Registry continues to function effectively, remaining in a state of readiness to receive and maintain custody of documents filed in proceedings before the court. The Registry staff also supervises public access to documents filed with the Registry. The incidence of such requests has increased over the period under review and includes requests from potential litigants, attorneys-atlaw and students. The Registry also assists the Commission in keeping its practice and procedure under review and the experience of the Registry has been taken into account in revising the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. The Registrar, with the approval of the Chairman
of the Commission, also from time to time issues notices to litigants to assist them in understanding the procedural requirements of the Commission. Thus for example notices issued during the period under review covered such topics as filing Appeals and Applications out of time.

The Environmental Commission is a superior court of record and therefore has its own Registry, where litigants may file documents in any proceedings before the Commission. The forms to be filed at the Registry may be found in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Documents filed with the Registry may be accessed by the public.


Schedule of Planned Procurement 2023-2024 - Download PDF


The Freedom of Infomation Act, 1999 (Request Form) - Download PDF


Ethical Code of Conduct for Public Bodies and Public Officers - Download PDF


Ethical Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors - Download PDF


Operations at the Environmental Commission - Download PDF


Resumption of Operations of The Environmential Commission and Pursuant Corona Virus (COVID-19) Protocols - Download PDF