H.H Sunil Sookraj - Chairman


His Honour Sunil K. Sookraj is an Attorney-at-Law with over 20 years’ experience in corporate, contract, commercial and environmental law. He is qualified with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of the West Indies and obtained his Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School.  He is also a member of the Local Bar and the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago and has served as a past Vice President of the Assembly of Southern Lawyers.  H.H. Sookraj is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the American Bar Association and a past member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).

In addition to these qualifications, H.H. Sookraj has been trained in Environmental Law Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Judicial Writing, Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Project Management Essentials.  

During his tenure in the private sector, H.H. Sookraj practiced in several aspects of corporate governance and administration. His experience ranges from contract negotiation and administration; arbitration; international partnership development and management; monitoring and evaluation; and risk mitigation.  H.H. Sookraj has also served in the public sector as legal counsel and contributed to the corporate turnaround of procurement practices at these agencies. He also possesses special skills in risk assessment, corporate governance, industrial relations and negotiating.

During this upcoming term, H.H. Sookraj intends to make the Court more accessible to all stakeholders; make use of effective case management and dispute resolution mechanisms to meet and surpass the demands of litigants who appear before the Court; and ensure that the decisions of the Court are fair and transparent and achieve the goal of environmental sustainability in Trinidad and Tobago.




David Alexander - Deputy Chairman


H.H. David Alexander has been a practicing attorney at law for the past 34 years. He currently practices in civil matters at both the High Court and Industrial Court, but also has extensive experience in criminal cases and domestic tribunals. He has also served as a temporary Judge of the High Court of Trinidad and Tobago for a one year period. H.H. Alexander is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited as well as a member of the Board of Directors of its subsidiary, NATPET Company Limited. He is also the Chairman of the Appeals Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League.





Anna-Marie Metivier-Hernandez B.Sc. MBA - (Member)

 H.H. Anna-Marie Metivier-Hernandez has over 23years professional experience in senior roles within the distribution, financial, telecommunications, and security industries.   She is the holder of a Masters in Business Administration from the Herriott Watt University, England and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of the West Indies.  One of her many specialisations is in mitigating safety and security risks.  Her leadership and coaching strategies have enabled her to achieve great success in working with staff at all levels and has contributed to her success as Executive CEO at the MH Tactical Response Group.  H.H. Metivier-Hernandez is also a successful business owner, providing security and loss prevention solutions; a certified instructor of the National Rifle Association of the United States’ survival programs for women; and a member of the Loss Prevention Research Council of the University of Florida.  



Alison George Williams - (Member)

Alison-George-WilliamsH.H. Dr. Alison George Williams is an engineer by profession.  He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Roorkee, in India and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of the West Indies.  His specialisation and work experiences have been in the development of major infrastructural projects in the areas of transportation and public accommodation.  H.H. Williams is currently employed as an engineer at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, having major responsibility for the development of its main campus.  He is also the current Chairman of the Tobago Tourism and Hospitality Institute which steers the strategic direction for growth and customer service excellence in the tourism and service sectors of the economy, through training.  





Professor Richard Robertson - (Member)

RICHARD-ROBERTSONH.H. Prof. Richard E. A. Robertson is a geologist and volcanologist who has worked in the Caribbean region for over 25 years.  He studied geology both at the Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. levels at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, and volcanology at the M.Phil. level at the University of Leeds in London.  He is currently the Director of The UWI Seismic Research Centre, the regional agency responsible for monitoring earthquakes and volcanoes in the English-speaking Eastern Caribbean.  He has worked in most aspects of the SRC operations but has been most closely associated with its public education, hazards assessment, ground deformation and geothermal monitoring programs.  He has a keen interest in the dissemination of scientific information to vulnerable island communities and in the building capacity at the community level to cope with hazards.





Ryane Rollock - (Member)

Ryane-RollockH.H. Ryane Rollock is a Chemical and Environmental Engineer with a focus in environmental and water operations, remedial consulting and hazardous waste treatment research.  She holds both a Master of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Howard University, Washington D.C.  H.H. Rollock has been engaged in environmental consulting since her return to Trinidad and Tobago and is the current Head of Research and Project Coordinator for the non-profit organisation, Carbon Zero Initiative of Trinidad and Tobago (CZITT).  She manages and develops projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in Trinidad and Tobago, such as the Project Zero Initiative and the 1000 Trees Challenge.  





In order of apperance: H.H. Dr Alison George Williams, H.H Ryane Rollock, H.H Sunil Sookraj (Chairman), H.H. David Alexander (Deputy Chairman), H.H. Anna-Marie Metivier-Hernandez and H.H. Professor Richard Robertson




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