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The Environmental Management Act, 2000 3.49MB (PDF)
Certificate of Environmental Clearance Rules, 2001 58KB (PDF)
Noise Pollution Control Rules, 2000 48KB (PDF)
Noise Pollution Control (Fees) Regulations 179KB (PDF)
Certificate of Environmental Clearance (Fees and Charges) Regulations, 2001 281KB (PDF)
Certificate of Environmental Clearance (Designated Activities) Order 148KB (PDF)
Environmentally Sensitive Species (ESS) Rules 2001 22KB (PDF)
ESS (White-Tailed Sabrewing) Notice 2005 6.40MB (PDF)
ESS (Pawi) Notice 2005 5.66MB (PDF)
ESS (Manatee) Notice 2005 5.45MB (PDF)
ESS (Ocelot) Notice 2013 443KB (PDF)
ESS (Golden Tree Fog) Notice 2013 370KB (PDF)
ESS (Leatherback Turtle) Notice 2014 207KB (PDF)
ESS (Loggerhead Turtle) Notice 2014 163KB (PDF)
ESS (Green Turtle) Notice 2014 192KB (PDF)
ESS (Hawksbill Turtle) Notice 2014 200KB (PDF)
ESS (Olive Ridley Turtle) Notice 2014 203KB (PDF)
ESS (Scarlet Ibis) Notice 2018 2.87MB (PDF)
Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Rules 2001 1.89MB (PDF)
ESA (Matura National Park) Notice 2004 2.79MB (PDF)
ESA (Nariva Swamp Managed Resource Protected Area) Notice 2006 5.44MB (PDF)
ESA (Aripo Savannas Strict Nature Reserve) Notice 2007 274KB (PDF)
Water Pollution Rules, 2001 48KB (PDF)
Water Pollution (Fees) Regulations 10KB (PDF)
Air Pollution Rules 738KB (PDF)
Air Pollution (Fees) Regulations 32KB (PDF)
The Environmental Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure, 2001 940KB (PDF)


Invitation for the Prequalification of Suppliers - Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services (Deadline has been extended to September 6th 2019) - Download PDF


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Invitation for the Prequalification of Suppliers - Legislative Drafting (Deadline has been extended to September 6th 2019) - Download PDF


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